Need help becoming a medical director for injectables? Our program provides you with all the contracts and consent forms, as well as laws for medical directorship.

The exciting field of cosmetic aesthetic medicine is booming! Our course provides you with all the contracts and consent forms, as well as laws and regulations for medical directorship. A medical director is one of the most important parts of any aesthetic practice, as they are responsible for approving every new patient for treatment. Solo injectors are on the rise which increases the necessity for medical directors. Becoming a medical director will open up new business, patient and revenue avenues for qualified professionals.

Our Cosmetic Medical Supervisor Training will provide you with the tools you need to successfully supervise cosmetic medical services. As each state varies in specific laws and rules, please consult your attorney before taking on any supervisory role.

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  • What is a cosmetic medical procedure?
  • What continuing education is needed to supervise cosmetic services?
  • Where and when comedic medical procedures can be performed.
  • Degrees of Supervision.
  • Authorization of procedures to different delegation groups.
  • Assessing competence of delegation groups to perform procedures.
  • Importance, functions and definitions of consents, protocols and standing orders.
  • HIPPA in the Cosmetic Medical Facility.
  • Health history clearance, patient record ownership and charting.
  • Fee schedules.
  • Patient consultation, Customer service and retail selling.
  • Business tips and tricks.