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Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are required by law to have a Medical Director.  Medical Directors include Nurse Practitioners and Physicians( not Physician Assistants or Dentists) who have been properly trained in aesthetic procedures including Botox and Dermal Filler administration and complications.

Our Medical Directors have been interviewed and trained to be Medical Directors specifically for Aesthetic Nurse Injectors and MAAI Graduates.  As a Medical Director they will prescribe Botox, Dermal Fillers and other necessary prescriptions, clear all patient health histories through a Face to Face visit and pass off Aesthetic Injectors on skills, safety, and techniques.


Some of the Aesthetic Nurse Injector/Medical Director requirements include:

1. Aesthetic Nurse Injector must have a business location and LLC set up. Per DOPL law, an RN cannot be supervised to do aesthetic procedures in any location that is not a professional building location.

2. Be signed off on injection skills for competency.

3. Continued injection education to ensure you are most up to date with all your techniques.

4. Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are required by Medical Director the use electronic charting in Aesthetic Record and have all charts signed and submitted within 48 hours.

5. Medical Director Fee schedule.

6. All Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are required to carry their own malpractice insurance.

7. All Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are required to have a hands on cadaver course within 6 months of signed agreement.

8. All Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are required to keep all licenses current including a CPR card.

9. Signed legal contract between Aesthetic Nurse Injector and Medical Director in accordance to Utah Law and reviewed by Attorney Hal Reiser (Utah DOPL attorney).